SMS Solutions

SMS Solutions

We help organizations to get the maximum benefit from SMS communication. We offer variety of SMS solutions atering your business needs


Email Marketing, Advertising Agency

At Dataslices, we offer exponentially better assistance to augment user engagement and harvest desired result. Reach target mass in a place they visit on regular basis – their INBOX.

Email campaign

Email campaign is a targeted, shareable, credible, measurable, and cost-effective tool.

Brand Awareness

Email marketing service facilitates brands to meet prospects in their choice of environment.

Higher Conversion

Email advertising allow tailor-made message for each customer & eases higher conversion rate.

Acquiring New Business

Email marketing is 40X more effective for brands in acquiring new business.

Track and ROI

Opt-in feature makes email a form of consensual Email marketing campaign are easy to track and ROI is measurable.

Millions Emails

We collect, analyze, categorize and archive millions of authentic emails database

Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Services in Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Dubai, KSA, Egypt, Australia and Saudi Arabia.

Dataslices offer an effectual marketing tool to unleash the hidden potential and reach your target audience without delay.

Are you aware that world’s population is 7.4 billion & 1 billion people use WhatsApp (1 in 7 people use WhatsApp? This fact makes WhatsApp marketing service a cutting-edge marketing medium to capture right clientele.

  • Swiftly link with right audience to get spectacular output
  • Deliver messages on the dot so that they don’t get vanished in the crowd
  • Get in touch with new customer and create value for future
  • Cultivate long term relation with clients & bring them back time and again

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SMS Long Code

In today’s cut-throat competition in the marketplace, it is impossible to ignore the power of mobile marketing  advancement. Therefore, SMS marketing is no more a choice, rather has become an imperative medium to promote business verticals. It’s a universal fact that mobile is a device which is 24/7 within arm’s reach of users.

Hence, it works in a lighting fast speed and reach target audience straightaway.

Long codes are also called Virtual Mobile number, Virtual SMS number or Long Number intended for person-to-person (P2P) communication. It is a reception mechanism widely accepted across the globe. It is a 10-digit code used by businesses to interact with customers through both SMS and voice communication. Continue reading


Targeted WhatsApp Marketing in UAE

Do you know that WhatsApp users check messages more than 100 times a day? This fact makes it cutting-edge marketing tool to capture right clientele. It is an effectual idea to unleash the hidden potential and reach your target audience without delay.

Are you aware that 84% of people can’t spend their day without Smartphone?

According to the statistics of 2015, 9.58 million population of UAE, 4.69 million people use WhatsApp.

WhatsApp marketing is not limited to few sectors; it adds real value to all business fields. It is very fast and hassle free mode to put business message across to a broad reach. It provides the opportunity to effortlessly share essential information like product offers, customer demands, and other vital details for lead generation and conversion and successfully seal the deal. It is a convenient way to promote product and services in wide spectrum and boost customer loyalty.

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